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 Elfen Lied [17+]

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PostSubject: Elfen Lied [17+]   Thu 13 Mar - 22:12

contains: nudity,extreme viollence ,gore,and sexual themes...

Diclonius are the next step in mankindís evolution and Lucy was the first of the diclonius ever discovered. Seen as a threat to the human race, she and the rest of her kind are locked away in a secret research facility where they are used as test subjects. When the guards screw up and get too close to Lucy, she finally escapes from her captors using her vectors, telekinetic arms unique to all diclonius. When Kohta and Yuka meet Lucy they have no way of knowing the hell that is about to break loose, or for what reasons Lucy is being hunted by this mysterious corporation and by her own kind.
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Elfen Lied [17+]
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